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Consultation Published!

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Finally the consultation on how GCSE and A level grades are to be awarded this year has been published! The main highlights of the report are:

* Grades will be determined by teachers.

* A range of materials from which to base teacher assessments including mock tests, assessments, homework, in-class tests can be used.

* The final assessment is to take place as late a practicably possible to allow for further learning and study to take place. This will ensure you obtain the best possible grade for you.

* Teachers may use past papers to help assess you, but this won't be compulsory.

* You will be told which pieces of your work will be used for grading purposes, before your grade is submitted to the exam board.

Given that assessment will take place as late as possible, it's advisable to continue studying and learning to ensure you are awarded the best possible grade for you. Now is not the time to 'take your foot off the gas'!

Keep going - the end is in sight!

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