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Committed to making learning easy for everyone and maximising student potential

It's true - not everyone finds maths easy!  However, good maths skills are essential for work and just because you find maths tricky, it doesn't mean it has to be this way.  Let Carol at Switched On Tuition help you improve your skills so your confidence soars.

As a former maths teacher and university lecturer you can rest assured your child will be taught everything they need to know to help them achieve their goals.  Tuition is engaging, relevant and personalised for each student as one size does not fit all!  Carol seamlessly blends real world problems into tuition sessions so students understand the relevance of materials being learned. It is this passion for teaching and life long learning that ensures we help students to achieve their 'Ah-ha moment' - when they have rapid and sudden insight into solving a maths problem or understanding a concept.  As a teacher, it's difficult to express the emotions felt when you have helped a student realise they 'can do maths'.  The joy on their face has to be seen to be believed. Often, students have years of negative beliefs about their maths ability - our job is to help change these beliefs with lasting, positive experiences. 

Prior to formal traditional teaching roles Carol taught people to drive and trained others to teach people to drive.  Most recently she was a training manager at a large multinational company. You could say teaching is in her blood!


Carol's unique combination of skills and experience will help your child flourish and develop an understanding of maths they never thought possible.

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